Monday, February 4, 2013

REVIEW: The Superior Spider-Man issues # 1&2; Amazing Spider-Man #700; Avenging Spider-Man 15.1

Writer: Dan Slott
Artist: Ryan Stegman
Color: Edgar Delgado
Review: Cody "Madman" Miller

Well, before we even utter the word “Superior,” let’s talk “Amazing”, Amazing Spider-Man #700 to be exact. For those of you that have been on some other planet or living under the proverbial rock, #700 was the last issue of the series we call Amazing. The issue was a giant monster of a book, not only in the drastic (or desperate) ways it altered the spider's webs but in girth also, tipping the scales at 100 pages, give or take a half million.

In 700, we see the exit of Peter Parker and Otto Octavius’s conscience in Peter’s body. I’ll save you the details. The second printing is on the shelf this week, so if you haven’t ponied up the cash for this one, do so and find out for yourself. Be sure to check out Jim DeMatteis’s short in the ass end. The story is Peter as an old man interacting with his great grandson. I might as well throw Avenging Spider-Man 15.1 into this home brew as well.

In 15.1, Otto settles into Peter’s life. The first thing Otto does is head to the lab and upgrades the Spidey tech and uniform with some cool new goodies such as…….buy it!

When I first caught wind of the madness that is the “goings on” in the Spidey Universe I cringed a little. As I’m sure any Spider-Man fan who is old enough to bear the scars of the infamous clone saga did. Sigh. And I got a little pissed off too. I read something about how Dan Slott was getting death threats over his part in this. I even heard rumors that a terminator bot was sent back in time to terminate him somewhere right before “Spider Island,” but D.C. foiled the plot like they did their covers in the 90’s. So……Superior here we go.

In issue one, we go from Otto visiting his own grave straight into the action. Enter Boomerang, Speed, Demon, Shocker, Living Brain, Beetle, and the new Sinister Six. Get it. Otto fighting as a hero against a Spidey villain super team (well not so super) that he founded. The last page of issue #1 finds Otto standing over Boomerang to deliver a death blow when a ghostly hand grabs his arm…….pan out and it happens. Peter Parker as a ghost…..yeah, really I did not make that up. I understand Marvel had to give themselves a way out of this, but come on this is the best they have? I mean either do it or don’t.

In issue two, the highlights include: Spidey and JJJ making friends? Otto perusing a renewed relationship with MJ. Otto breaking up with MJ. And Toomes. That’s right, the Vulture’s lackeys show up. I’ve always been a fan of the Vulture no matter the version.

So I don’t know. I guess it’s not that bad. I’m not so mad anymore. I’ll miss the witty banter and all that, but at least Slott isn’t writing Otto Spider-Man just like Peter Spider-Man, or Kaine Spider-Man for that matter. The book should get really interesting if done properly and not drawn out...if we survive this and there is no hint not even a whisper of a clone then we win. It could be worse. My finger is on the trigger to cut the title from my pull list at a moment’s notice. It will have joined a large and growing list of Marvel’s books no longer welcome in my folder (Hawkeye and Morbius not included). Marvel consider yourself warned. It can be worse…it can.

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