Friday, January 23, 2015

REVIEW: Reyn #1

Writer: Kel Symons
Artist: Nate Stockman
Colors: Paul Little
Review: William R. Davis Jr.

Reyn is a fantasy book that is set in The Land of Fate, a place now consumed by darkness. It follows a young Jedi . . . uh, I mean Warden who may be the last living member of his order. Issue one follows him through a few scrapes, introduces us to the main characters, and sets up the next adventure.

Great first issues are hard to produce, and I generally tend to cut the creators a little slack here. Unfortunately Reyn is not a book I going to be following in the future.

The book opens on a farm, where a family is attacked by a giant subterranean spider. Reyn shows up and slays the creature. Everything is competently drawn and I’m enjoying the book at this point, and then in comes the farmer’s daughter.

Wearing a shirt that would make a 1980s Rob Liefeld blush, the father asks Reyn to stay on the farm indefinitely. As the daughter bites her lower lip and looks on the father says: “We don’t have much to offer in the way of excitement, least not the kind that you’re probably used to. But there’s other kinds of things a man could find some excitement in, right?” Reyn then thanks him for the hospitality but politely turns down the offer. It then cuts to the daughter coming into his room, saying something of the lines of: “Paw says I should convince you to stay, and I aim to make a convincing argument.”


Within four pages this book is forever ruined by moronic writing. Is this what turns people on these days? I must be getting old, but please keep hillbillies pimping their daughters out to strangers from the pages of my funny books in the future. I would go into other aspects of the book but I respect our readership too much for that.

So if you’re looking for hackneyed, sexist drivel, pick up a copy at your LCS today.

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