Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 Year in Review

Hey there, Auld Acquaintances. Another year, come and gone at the Hammond Comics Blog and I'm a loss for words. It's been a great year, solid reviews, in my opinion, from a steady group of writers, great interviews, and blue skies on the forecast for 2015.

Between the ups and downs of whatever scheme the Big Two are up to, to the latest Indy sleeper hit, we were butt-deep in books this year and all comers were welcome. From Saga to Death Moth, Spiderverse to Batman, all welcomed warmly.
Some kicked to the curb after reading . . .

I'd like to thank a few folks for their support, well-wishes, and/or good humor in putting up with us.
Julian Darius from Sequart, Jen Grünwald from the House of Ideas, and Jacqueline Sidmonds, all for being good folks to the HCB on the Twitter.
Thanks to Colleen Doran, for consummate professionalism and approachability (and for the great deal on A Distant Soil tpbs...)
Extra special thanks with awesomesauce to Ryan Browne, Jeffrey Morris, and Joyce Brabner for the interviews and sneak previews.

I'm sure there's others I've missed, mea culpa, no disrespect intended.

The biggest thank you goes out to the regular HCB writing staff, however. Without the perseverance of Art Bee, 'Madman' Miller and site founder William Davis we'd be dead in the water. Cheers, gentlemen!

So tip a glass to 2014, or flip it the bird if it was unkind, and join the Hammond Comics Blog as we usher in 2015.
Stick with us, we've more on the way.

W. Will Dubbeld

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