Friday, June 27, 2014

PREVIEW: Open Tree: Legends and Tall Tales #1 – Freedom Run

Writer: Chris Charlton
Artist: Brian Latimer
Colorist: Vasco Sobral
Review: Art Bee

Everyone loves a great story, and I have the privilege of introducing to you to one of the best I have read. After reading it five times, it is not getting old. Open Tree, Legends and Tall Tales #1 contains a one-shot story called “Freedom Run,” and each future issue will be its own one-shot as well. This supernatural western is full of plot points that will pull your emotions in different directions. Let me give you just a taste of what you find on the first two pages.

“Freedom Run” is a powerful and compelling story set in 1872 Texas. The main character, Jesiah, is a young man who has lost his parents and is having to care for his family farm alone. During a walk he finds what he assumes is a wild horse with its back hoof tangled in a barbed wire fence. After freeing the horse, he is surprised that it does not run off and takes it to his barn to care for it.

That is all you get. From that point the story just soars like all good stories should. Chris Charlton brings his “A+” game on this one. If a reader is not hooked by the third page, they must be illiterate. I have read a LOT of weak one-shots. Let’s face it, it's hard to get a good story to fit into a single issue comic book unless you cheat and make it a double sized issue. Isn’t that right, Marvel and DC?

They just called and confirmed.

Throughout the book, emotions are pulled out of the reader. As I read, sadness, joy, fear, satisfaction, and hatred were pulled out of me by this intense story. The main antagonist in the story is named Luke McKinney. Charlton truly made me hate this man in just a couple of panels. This antagonist embodies a malefactor and bully.

Brian Latimer was unknown to me before reading this issue of Open Tree. His work is fantastic! Latimer’s lines are clean and well done. There is a specific scene showing a particular person laying at the bottom of the stairs that I just absolutely love. The depiction of the face and body against the wall really made me laugh. Though not apparent until my third reading, the colors provided by Vasco Sobral do a great job to adding to the mood of the story.

Open Tree #1 is due to be released on July 9th and available directly from Assailant Comics. The first issue is fantastic and well worth the $4.99 for the hard copy. If you would rather purchase a digital copy, those will be sold for $0.99. Regardless, you will kick yourself later for not getting this issue if you do not jump on the opportunity.

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