Monday, September 2, 2013

REVIEW: Uncanny #3

Writer: Andy Diggle
Artist: Aaron Campbell
Review: Arthur Black

For those of us with a taste for stories featuring secret agents and spies, Uncanny written by Andy Diggle is a cross between X-men and James Bond.  The story is centered on Dominic Weaver, a man with an interesting ability and a gambling problem. Dominic has the ability to gain the skills of others by a simple touch. For instance, if he touches a martial arts grand master, Dominic would have all of the martial arts skills of the grand master. Unfortunately the gained skills only last for a short time.

Uncanny #3 is a very captivating book. Dominic is being recruited by Damian Styles to assist the mysterious and luscious Maggie Ford for a mission of the utmost importance. Although Weaver does not trust Damian, he can’t turn down the half of a million dollars offered for the mission.

The mission is made to sound simple enough. He just needs to steal a briefcase from a scientist of Cadre, an organization of Think Tanks.

Dominic and Maggie are known in as “actives”. Actives are people with special abilities. At this point in the story, we have not been provided with much information about these people. Although, this issue does allude to a cryptic origin for the “actives” and Damian is trying to uncover it.

This book has a quick flow as compared to the previous two issues. Prior to this issue, I had thoughts of dropping the series from my pull list. My hope is that each of the following issues will be as equally exciting. There are so many different aspects of the story that have just started to develop, such as the introduction of Cadre and the search for origin of Dominic Weaver’s ability.

Aaron Campbell has created some great art in this book, and a few panels really pop exceptionally well. One of these panels depicts a helicopter landing on top of a building. The detail of the cityscape at night is incredible. Another, (and my favorite) features an “active” mentally juggling cards in the air.

Other than a lettering mistake on the first page, on which a word has been left out of the bottom left panel, this is a fabulous comic that has me hooked for a long haul. I admit that the first two had me wondering whether to continue getting this book, but I feel the wait was worth it. It is a great time to start a new comic.

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