Sunday, June 9, 2013

REVIEW: The Accelerators #1

Creator/Writer: R.F.I. Porto
Pencils/Inks: Gavin P. Smith
Colors: Tim Yates
Letters: CRANK!
Cover: Walt Flanagan
Review: Cody "Madman" Miller

Comics Cubed, my dealer of choice in all things funny book, promoted this book pretty heavily. Gavin Smith, the man behind the fancy drawings, is a local cat. On May 4th (that’s free comic book day for those not in the know) Gavin had a table set up with his own comic, Human City, and a preview of this here book. I ordered up a copy and promptly forgot about it. It was a nice surprise when it suddenly appeared in my stack of books.

The book opens up by throwing us in the midst of a battle to the death between a Redcoat and a conquistador, an old school Tommy Gun wielding gangster, a medieval knight, a German storm trooper and a caveman, a Roman centurion, cowboy, and the last and the lamest: A Mayan warrior and a professor. The year is 2040 something, for the moment. In Porto’s future everyone has personal time traveling devices and these people from the future seem to pass the time kidnapping combatants from various times throughout history and forcing them to participate in gruesome gladiator style battles to the death.
I know what you are thinking...meh....time travel. But hey, it’s not like that, at least not yet. Just as the Mayan buries his spear in the professor...
Krakooom !!!!

We’re in 1970 and we meet Alexa just as she arrives there from the 1960s. Alexa was working on a research project in the field of…wait for it…wait for it…time travel. Seconds after Alexa beams in a uniformed soldier named Bertram beams in to the scene.
Bertram is an ass. Bertram sees time travel as some ultimate evil and he intends to destroy the time machines (which look like blue donuts) and “take care” of anyone involved in the experiments. Alexa is the last of her research team left alive.
Alexa does the time warp again and lands in 1978, Bertram follows. She runs again and lands in 1991, Bertram follows. As Alexa continues to run she runs into a teen, Spatz, and he is time jumped with Alexa to 2012. The evil Bertram, we learn is actually Alexa’s husband. Bertram and Alexa engage their own battle to the death and in the process both Alexa and her blue time donut are destroyed. Spatz and Berty, in an attempt to escape the police officers now chasing them, time jump together once more.


2040’s again. The last page reveals the two being tazered and snatched up, presumably being taken to the arena.
The story is actually really entertaining. The heavy time travel comes off really well and wasn’t that lame actually.
The art was awesome. As he did with his work with Human City, Gavin is a master of human expression. The backgrounds are stunning. The scenery changed when the characters are time warping and it was extremely well done.

It wasn’t until I started writing this review that I noticed Walt Flanagan from the television program Comic Book Men did the cover work. I have to say, it’s a pretty bad ass cover. High five Walt.

It was the same kind of deal when I was flipping through the issue one last time that I noticed the cameos in the crowd scenes. I won’t say who it is in case you are inclined to solve this mystery all by yourself. All in all, a good read with a fresh new look into the time travel genre, throw in some killer art work and...


You’ve got my 3.99 for the second issue.

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